Earn a Wizard's Trust

That's always easier said than done. Wizards are eccentric beings who are, amongst many other things, hard to impress.

You've been given a simple command just before your first shift as the Wizard's assistant: - Do NOT touch anything!

But... is this such a clear instruction? Some may say it's up for interpretation.

Use your mouse to seal your fate and face whatever calamities may the entropy bring on you!

Use the Cristal Orb to remember where the items were originally placed!

You can play the webGL version, but if you want to play the game as it was intended, consider downloading the Windows build ;)

[WINDOWS] Installation Instructions:

  1. Unzip the downloaded build file into your preferred destination.
  2. Execute "Earn a Wizard's Trust.exe"
  3. Make sure your mouse is connected to your PC.
  4. Enjoy the experience as much as I enjoyed crafting it!

DISCLAIMER: This game was made in less than 30 hours during IndieSpainJam 2022. Expect any bugs and weird stuff. Also, I'm colorblid, so excuse any chromatic knives thrown into your retinas, I literally don't know what I'm doing XD

I'd like to thank Dani Zattara for creating such an amazing set of SFXs and music for the game. You can check his work here www.danizattaramusic.com or here @dani_zattara (IG)

If you want to see more about me, follow @pixelmeat.


  • [Click lock] Sometimes the game can stall in a state where you can no longer interact with the items. Game restart needed. Prevent click spam to lower the risk of this bug happening.


EWT_Build20220926_03.zip 46 MB


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Esta satisfactorio el ir poniendo los objetos